Abeytu´ Naturals Facial Breakout Cream


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Abeytu´ Naturals Facial Breakout Cream is formulated to address cystic acne lesions, increase cellular turnover rate, and assist with scarring. Cannabigerol is the mother of all Cannabinoids and is special in nature. Harvesting of this important cannabinoid must be done within the first several weeks of the plants’ life before it turns into other cannabinoids. CBG is powerful enough to stop the growth of MRSA(methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus).  The anti-inflammatory effect from the CBG Isolate provides relief from discomfort of painful lesions, while allowing the formula to address infection. Abeytu´ Facial Breakout Cream is safe and effective for hormone dependent breakouts and for those who have been subjected to prior Accutane therapy or are unable to receive laser and light therapies. We love this product for those on-the-go teenagers and athletes to take mobile. Application of this formula at the first sign of a breakout will help calm the inflammation. Prolonged use may reduce scarring.

1oz jar of fast absorbing cream is all you need to live free from the anxiety and discomfort associated with breakouts. Purely organic with maximum bioavailability available in this Abeytu’ patent pending formula.