Abeytu´ Naturals Intimates Breakout Cream


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Coming in a 1oz. jar, the Intimates Cream is a similar formulation as the Tincture, with varying amounts of active ingredients. Our buttercream consistency contains more Isolate for immediate pain relief from either a genital or shingles breakout. It will also prevent the breakout from penetrating the outer surface of the skin if caught within a few hours of eruption. If our miracle cream isn’t delivered ahead of a breakout, that is ok. Lesions will be gone in no time and discomfort is relieved immediately due in part to our maximum absorption delivery system. Abeytu’ Naturals Intimates Cream will also help defend against scarring from these lesions.

This cream addresses viral shed(replication) and may provide instant relief from symptoms related to Intimate Genital and/or Shingles breakouts. Applying this soothing product within 4 hours of feeling a breakout eruption, may help prevent surfacing of painful lesions altogether. Abeytu´ Intimates Breakout Cream engages the immune response using our earthly pure CBD Isolate and micronutrients, defending against viral shed and painful inflamed nerves. Persons with demyelinating disease may also benefit from use of Abeytu´ Intimates Cream.  Pair with our daily use CV Well Tincture to help decrease the likelihood of an Intimates Breakout, Shingles Breakout, or contraction of viral infections.