Bergamot Essential Oil


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Aroma:Most people know this aroma through Earl Grey tea, which is flavored with Bergamot Oil. It is a fruity citrus oil of spicy-floral freshness.

Latin Name:Citrus bergamia ssp. Bergamia

Country of Origin:Italy

Cultivation Method:Conventionally Grown

Extraction Method:Cold Pressed (Furocoumarin-Free)

Extracted From:Peel of the fruit


Perfumery Note:Top


Aromatherapy Properties:Great aroma to balance the mind and regenerate. Citrus oils help to eliminate emotional confusion and increase ones sense of humor and well-being.

Bergamot can be very phototoxic if the sensitizing component - furocoumarin - has not been removed from the oil. Aromaland offers only furocoumarin-free Bergamot Oil, since phototoxic pigmentation of the skin lasts for a long time and we do not want anybody to have this experience.

Suggested Use:Use a few drops in a diffuser to freshen the aroma climate of your home. Sniff directly from the bottle to feel fresh and fight melancholy.

Add 10 drops of Aromaland's Goddess Blend (which contains Bergamot) to 1oz. of unscented body care product for a luxurious experience.

Citrus Essential Oils are among the few Essential Oils with a limited shelf life. Keep your citrus oils away from heat and direct sunlight, and in tightly closed containers; your fridge would be great! Try using them within 6 months of purchase. Older oils may not be appropriate for medicinal or skin care purposes, but can still add citrus-power to a diffuser blend.

History:When peeling a citrus fruit, you may experience the Essential Oil freely spraying from the peel when applying pressure. Squirting the Essential Oil into a candle flame is a nice winter activity that fascinates children (and those who remained young)

In the factory, before the juice of citrus fruits is processed, the peel of the fruits is carefully removed and the Essential Oil extracted from the glands contained in the outer layer of the peel. This is the process behind the term "cold pressed".

Specific Safety Information:No known toxicity.

Use in low concentration in skin care since some individuals may react sensitive, and use only furocoumarin-free Bergamot oil. Otherwise severe phototoxic effects are possible, more so than with other citrus oils.