Copaiba Essential OIl


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Aroma:The oil of Copaiba Balsam has a very warm, soft, honey-like note.

Latin Name:Copaifera reticulata

Country of Origin:Brazil

Cultivation Method:Harvested from Wild Growing Plants

Extraction Method:Steam Distilled

Extracted From:Crude balsam

Color:Pale yellow

Perfumery Note:Base


Aromatherapy Properties:Soothing, balancing, uplifting.

Suggested Use:Add to a diffuser for a long-lasting, warm aroma climate. Please note that the balsams are most commonly used in the"background"of an Aromatherapy blend, as in our Bamboo Forest line of products.

History:Used for centuries as a fixative and fragrance component, for example in soaps. Detergents, perfumes, cosmetics.

Specific Safety Information:Relatively non-toxic, non-irritant, however, sensitization possible. Large doses may cause nausea.