Rosemary Essential Oil


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Aroma:Strong, herbaceous, fresh, balsamic scent. Powerful and camphoraceous. Smells a bit like Pine Essential Oil.

Latin Name:Rosmarinus officinalis

Country of Origin:Spain

Cultivation Method:Harvested from Wild Growing Plants

Extraction Method:Steam Distilled

Extracted From:Whole plant

Color:Clear to slightly pale orange

Perfumery Note:Top

Consistency:Thin liquid.

Aromatherapy Properties:Refreshing, empowering, mind clearing. Very popular in skin and hair care. Has been known to help enhance memory.

Suggested Use:Apply a few drops to a tissue and inhale; or add to a diffuser. This is great to wake up and get your brain cells going.

Students report that it helped them do better in exams to smell Rosemary or a Rosemary based blend during study time, and then surround themselves with the aroma during the test. This is due not only to the stimulating powers of Rosemary, but also because the area of the brain for memory and that which processes scent are closely connected.

If you like you can make your own hair care blend, combining Rosemary with Clary Sage, Jasmine, Patchouli and Lavender according to your liking. Add to unscented shampoo or conditioner (5 to 10 drops per 1 oz. of product), or apply 1 drop to your hairbrush to rejuvenate and naturally scent hair and scalp.

Adding just 5 drops to a warm bath brings welcome stimulation to sore, stiff and overworked muscles. In order to prevent the oils from floating on the surface, blend the Essential Oil with some Half & Half, honey, vinegar or Aromaland's Coconut Emulsifier before adding it to the water.

History:Rosemary was used in the middle ages to drive away evil spirits. It refreshes, clears the mind, and energizes body, mind and (good) spirit. It enhances circulation and eases muscle stiffness and aches when added to a bath or massage products.

Specific Safety Information:No known toxicity. Avoid if you are epileptic, pregnant or have high blood pressure. GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) approved by the FDA as food flavor.