Take Five Blend Essential Oil


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Countless parents praise this blend for relaxing restless, overactive children.  It is a Lavender aroma that is serene, yet playful and "yummy".
  • Try diffusing this blend in your children's bedroom and play area - you may notice that they stay more centered and content. It can also help young and old to fall asleep more easily and to experience deep, sound sleep, with less disruption through irregular sleep patterns or nightmares.
  • You may want to enrich a bath with Take Five by blending up to 10 drops with Aromaland's Coconut Emulsifer or some Half & Half prior to adding it to the water (in order to prevent the oil from floating on the surface).
  • Create your own Take Five Aromatherapy products.
  • You can use Aromaland's Carrier Oils and Unscented (Aroma Free) range to customize all your Aromatherapy and Personal Care needs. Recommended dilution for Essential Oils and Blends is 1% (9 drops per 1 oz. of base product) for general applications, or 0.5% (4 drops per 1 oz. of base product) for facial and sensitive area applications.


Essential Oils of Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Spikenard.